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DEC. 4th - Our Store
Dec. 5th- Westgate Casino Superbook

Bring your items to get authenticated on the day of the show or you can drop them off for EARLY submission.  

Memorabilia.Expert Store-1801 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89146

December 4th, SAT -9 am- 2 pm

Westgate Casino Superbook- 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas NV

December, SUN 5th 12 pm- 4 pm

Raiders Dave Casper Autograph Signing December 4th & 5th

VIP Raider Ticket Giveaway Entry with purchase of $50+

Get a free entry to our VIP Raider Ticket Give- Away with a minimum of $50+ purchase or purchase of a Dave Casper Autograph Ticket. Must be present to win on LIVE Facebook or Live at our Store. 

With Every $50 Autograph Ticket-Get a Free Entry

Raiders Tickets-December 5th, Raiders vs. Washington
1:05 PM

A super opportunity to meet a HOF Raider and then get a chance to go to the game.

(Follow Us on Facebook & contact us to get a free entry, too)

Hurry!     Pre-Pay your autograph tickets now and then come see us live at the Westgate Casino or come see us at our store. 

Can't make it.  Just purchase your tickets on-line and send in your items to get signed. We got you covered. 

Will you be in LAS VEGAS on December 4th & 5th?   If you answered YES, then get into our Free Raiders Ticket DRAWING ON DECEMBER 4th 5:30 PM. PST @ Facebook Live & Live at Our Store


Choice Is Yours

Pick which item you want to buy and get signed. 

Custom Jersey


Rookie Cards


Full Replica Helmet


Dave Casper Autograph Ticket


Mini Helmet


ADD Inscription Signing Ticket


8x10 Photo


Dealer Pricing Available

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“It was so easy to get something authenticated. I just went to the Memorabilia Expert store and I left my items.  After the show I picked them up. They were all authenticaed and done “



“ Awesome.  I get to watch the games at Football Central -Westgate SUPERBOOK and meet a HOF Raider. Can't wait. “



“ Huge Raider Fan.  I am coming to see Dave Casper.  Bonus! maybe I will be at the game too. “



“ The Memorabilia Expert Store has a little bit of everything you can imagine people collect.  So much fun to wander around. “



Collectibles $50 and Up

Early Christmas & Holiday Shopping

Collectibles are the gifts that keep on giving.  A lifetime of joy, history, and value.  With our special Raiders Ticket Giveaway offer, you more bang for your buck.  Enjoy shopping where you know your collectibles are authentic.  



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