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1960s Philadelphia Eagles – Chuck Bednarik Game-Worn Durene Home Jersey – HOFer Stellar Use (Provenance)

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They don’t make them like they used to we can no longer ask ol’ “Concrete Charlie” himself but his jersey speaks for him.  While some may have called him crusty, abrasive or bitter, Chuck Bednarik is and will always remain to be NFL royalty. One of the lasting images in the minds of football fans is Bednarik standing over an unconscious Frank Gifford after he flattened the Giants Hall of Fame running back. This was routine hitting for Bednarik.  He didn’t know how to play any other way.  Bednarik played football during the era when football players were allowed to actually play the game. Watching all the footage you can see that no player came out of the game without any dirt, mud and grass stains on their uniforms.

This [size] “48” black label MacGregor with white wash tag, was worn by “Concrete Charlie” himself during the 1961-62 season.  The wash tag reads “Wash in Lukewarm Water Do Not Exceed 140 In Drying.”  “60” is sewn on the front and back in white satin finish.  Apropos for the jersey’s of this era, the numbers on the front measure 8.5″ where as the back measure to 10.5″.

The Eagles glory days highlight footage show the font style of the era which showcases the notched”6″ versus the smoother “6” style they wore in earlier years. Incredible wear is seen throughout the durene style jersey and especially throughout the identifiers.  Dirt, wear, fraying and rips appear on the front and back.  The back “0” is actually torn in two places and the “60” have become unstitched from the jersey itself.

The numerals on the front on the jersey are in better shape as would be appropriate from tackling styles during the games of that era, tackling from the back. There are no appearances of any number changes. Sleeve numerals are correct as are the 3/4″ length.  Tons of repairs are seen on the shoulders and large rip still remains unrepaired on the left. Intact is the five-button crotch piece which adds to the full measure of era character.

Catapulting this jersey into the GRADE “10” stratosphere we offer its provenance. Mind you, the jersey was tucked away for 53 years until recently. The original owner (who is the consigner) finally pulled it out of hiding to pass on to the next generation of collector.

A newspaper article in the local paper shows this jersey being handed to him by Chuck Bednarik at a local event. The caption reads,  “In 1963, One of the jersey’s which Chuck Bednarik wore as a member of the Eagles was presented to Bill Peacock at Saturday nights Bensalem High School Football banquet.”

In the actual photo (incl. with the jersey) from the event, you can see a small lighter patch of color on the upper chest above the “2”. This light patch would be congruent with the visible repair on the jersey. With magnification, you can also see more fabric details including the separation near the shoulder.

Also included will be copies of the 1961-62 Philadelphia Eagles video highlights which show Bednarik wearing this style jersey.  Although the footage available is too difficult to photo match completely, it is a style match. The jersey was obtained shortly after the 1961-62 season further concluding the dating.

Overall, this is the finest jersey of one of the last true NFL 60-minute men. It is from an era when football was unscathed by rules, lawsuits, and NFL legalities.  Although it shows grit, copious wear and dirt it somehow survived the bone crushing tackles it’s hero struck upon his prey. Add to the fact that this relic was worn by NFL royalty, it should be in Canton but here it is ready for your bidding.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team, News photo and local paper caption, video style match, Provenance LOA from original owner.

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