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"Your collection is my business and I get the job done with results!

We love Fox 5 Access More who always features our unique collectibles."
Kieta -Founder Memorabilia.Expert.

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You may know us by our other websites BidAMI.com, 100percentauthentic.com, MemorabiliaExperts.com SportsMemorabilia.Exert.  We have been branding Memorabilia.Expert because that's who we are and what we do.  So don't be shy calling us by BidAMI or Memorabilia.Expert.

Memorabilia.Expert is the place that speaks of extraordinary collectibles, unparalleled service and expertise. We are the popular place to showcase the unique and beautiful in a fun and interactive manner.  We have the international allure because of our international alliances.  Our clientele spans all over the globe.

We are the Memorabilia.Expert.  Our business  is to auction any type of sports memorabilia and celebrity collectibles with the emphasis on sports, for personal collectors, estates, charity’s and fund raisers.

Acquisition Specialist:  Kieta -20 Years of Auction Experience

Kieta-Acquisitions Specialist

Kieta-Acquisitions Specialist

Our objective is to acquire high valued estates, celebrity collections, sports memorabilia, superstar athlete collections which will be benefiting their specific charities as well as their own estates or the personalities themselves.  Our acquisitions team will work closely with charities, fundraising committees or athletes that will be coming through  our Las Vegas office, obtaining collectibles for their events, or selling their existing estates and memorabilia.  That means this sourcing of extraordinary superstars is going to be available to you the buyer and seller.  Yes, this is what you will enjoy when you BidAmi Auctions!

We have sold collection from the estates of Johnson & Johnson Estate, Yoko One, Johnny Unitas Family,  Raiders Jack Tatum Estate, Mickey Mantle Greer Johnson Estate, Dominique Wilkins Estate, Penny Marshal, Pittsburgh Pirate Dock Ellis, Rick Moser, Frenchy Fuqua, Amos Otis, Denver Bronco’s Craig Morton, Mike Easler Playmate of the year Brande Roderick and Bob Bourne.

We also accommodate the average collector and offer them a marketplace to sell and authenticate their items on the on-line auction.  BidAmi Auctions always has something for everyone.  It’s fun and easy to BidAmi Auctions.

Authentication and offering the best quality collectibles will keep the customer’s coming back while developing trust. Integrity is instilled by offering quality authentic products, ease and facility of a great state of the art on-line auction site.

Products are marketed to the elite collector all over the world via the web, our elite database of collectors, and VIP’s.

BidAmi merges hall of fame artifacts, athlete appearances, live broadcasting within an interactive, personalized sports fantasy on-line experience.  BidAmi is a lot of things but its not one of these old stale and static auction sites.  With the Las Vegas touch, BidAmi Auctions does everything different starting with its Quick Bid to the latest in the High Tech and Interactive Social Media experience.

Products and Services

Our services will include appraisals, experts available to authenticate, and evaluators estimating the collectibles worth in order to get the collection ready and marketable for the on-line auction.






Memorabilia Expert

Memorabilia Expert