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Letter of Appraisal. Track status. Easy Submission. Contact us anytime.

Quick Opinion

Special Free Offer per Opinion
  • Quick Opinion Via Email
  • Email Response
  • General Appraisal Value
  • Items May Be Reviewed On-Line

Elite Appraisal

$75 per Letter
  • Optimal Value For Most Items
  • Photo on Letter
  • General item description on Letter
  • Accepted By Insurance Companies
  • Items may be reviewed on-line

Platinum Appraisal

$150 & Up per Letter
  • Optimal LOA for HIgh Value Items
  • Photo on Letter
  • Detailed, Researched Item description
  • Accepted by Insurance Companies
  • Refundable Amount If Item Sold Through Our Auction or Store
  • Item Reviewed LIVE

What our customers are saying...

woman-face-3This LOA really helped me find out what I had. More than words could possibly explain. Like, a lot.

woman-face-4Before finding this Authentication  I couldn't sell my item.  Good work.

womans-face-1I was able to photo match the jersey after I got this authentication. Good job.

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