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April 10, 2010 WBF Heavyweight Title – Evander Holyfield Match Fight Worn Boxing Gloves vs. Francois Botha (Won WBF Heavyweight Title (w/Holyfield Provenance)

4/10/2010 Evander Holyfield Fight Worn Gloves Vs. Francois Botha To Win the WBF Heavyweight Title Provenance (Holyfield) Letter

BID NOW.. Available for SALE.. The boxing matchup between Evander Holyfield and Francois Botha was on April 10, 2010 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. It was a slow start for Holyfield but Botha could not take complete control of the bout. In the eight round, Holyfield floored him with a right to the chin. Although Both beat the count, Holyfield kept hammering away in the corner forcing the referee to stop the madness. It was an eighth round knock out victory for Holyfield who won the WBF Heavyweight title. It was his fifth career Heavyweight title.

Evander glovesPresented are the boxing gloves that were worn in the boxing match by Holyfield. They originate directly from Holyfield. The gloves are purple with red and white trim and were made by Grant. There are white laces that keep the fastented. Both the outside and the inside of the weapons have the fight officials initials “RS1” There’s also tape residue remaining on the outer wrists of both gloves.

For provenance, the paperwork from the Holyfield camp is included (unsigned) as well as  previous auction details that includes a photo match.

“These are the gloves that I wore on April 10,2010 when I fought Francois Botha and won the WBF Heavyweight title.”  Evander boasted as he offered these gloves as a gift to his Entertainment Director.  On Evander’s, the Entertainment Director, sold the Robe for this fight years ago.  She was also supposed to sell the gloves, but  as a gift, Evander  offered these gloves to her.  She has had them ever since September 2011.”

These gloves have been authenticated by Bob Case/100% Authentic

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