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B.B. King & the Vintage Selmer Saxophone- The Real Deal

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Highly valuable saxophone on the market

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We discuss the significance of the Vintage Selmer Mark VI Saxophone




Vintage Selmer Saxophone

Music represents a significant aspect of our pedestrian lives. Its impact and effect cannot be understated. We can associate or reconcile our feelings with the lyrics of a song. Music enables man to manifest their emotions sympathetically.

The ability of expression is supremely important. Music can uplift us, allow us to express ourselves, can have a therapeutic effect, and can be a viable form of communication too. The saxophone is no different. The sax, as it is often called, is a woodwind instrument like flutes and clarinets.

B.B. King

Speaking of a saxophone, an extremely rare piece has become available for auction. The price is also a reflection of the instrument’s extraordinary appeal. With a current bid standing at precisely 3,500 dollars, the total price of the saxophone inclusive of buyer’s premium is a whopping 4,200 dollars respectively. You may be tempted to ask what makes this item so special.

Well, first of all, this particular saxophone was used by none other than B.B. King (pictured above). The legendary jazz musician may have passed away in 2015 but his indelible legacy is still intact. Born Riley B. King in 1925, the future hall of famer was primarily a blues singer. He also performed as an electric guitarist and served as a song writer and record producer as well.

Given his significant contribution, King became known quite aptly as ‘King of the Blues’. Such was his importance that he became synonymous with blues. The Mississippi native started on the streets, long before his talent catapulted him to super stardom. Known for hits like ‘The Thrill Is Gone’, ‘Paying the Cost to Be the Boss’ and ‘Don’t answer the door’, King was also the recipient of fifteen Grammy Awards, the last of which he won in 2009, a few years prior to his untimely demise.

Saxophone Selmer Mark VI

The instrument in consideration is one which was used on stage in one of King’s enthralling performances. The vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone that originated in 1973-74, was actually played by another artist known as Melvin “Wildcat” Jackson. The iconic American guitarist supplemented and supported several performances during his career, which included B.B. King’s as well. In fact, the duo spent more than two decades on stage in the same orchestra. Jackson would even have the honor of introducing King before each of their performances.

This is the main reason why this instrument is valued so much. While King is still considered an inspiration for blues and jazz musicians in America, Jackson also enjoyed a storied career in his own right. A buyer seeking this saxophone will also own a piece of blues history when they acquire this item.

The saxophone comes equipped with a letter of provenance from the daughter of the late Melvin Jackson. It states the specifications of the item on hand. Standing at 11 inches, this instrument is called a baby saxophone.


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