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B.B. King and His Heart-Shaped Ring

Directly from the B.B. King Estate.

That B.B. retained the things that were important to
him through the years is an understatement and
indeed, this very rare and special ring is one of them.

A Heart to Hold

Every gemologist agrees that this heart-shaped diamond stands alone.  To cherish, to adore, to wear, to hold dear, B.B. King's Heart Lives on in his 22 carat diamond ring. Provenance B.B. King Estate & 100% Authentic


22 carats Worn by the Baron of the Blues ?

For millions upon millions of devoted fans, the globe seemed to pause for a moment when, in 2015,
the wonderful Riley B. King - better known simply as "B.B." - passed away. Now, more than five
years later this very special rare diamond heart-shaped ring, has only now just been unveiled from the family estate.


Drake- Eat Your Heart Out

Drake, You Need to Get the Bling from the KING. .. 

The “Hotline Bling” rapper can’t stop buying more and more diamond rings to add to his collection. The latest? A 22-carat heart-shaped ring set in platinum to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

According to Ajay Anand, CEO of Rare Carat, Drake’s new sparkler could have cost around $500,000. “This is a great example of one cut very well...



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