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Confidence and trust.

For the Seller, we offer the highest realized prices, innovative social media marketing, multi-platform marketing with Barneby's and specialized customer service. 

For the Buyer, we offer  the Rolls Royce in authentic collectibles, quick shipping, personal LIVE customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction as shown by our A+ rating with the BBB.

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Ask one of our experts about your collection. One of our team will get back to you quickly to help assess the value of your item. 

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Ready to Consign?  We have an auction every 2 weeks and will be able to market, promote and sell your collection quickly. Don't wait. Consign today.

Memorabilia Finder

If you are looking for a specific item for your collection let one of our experts assist you. We are the ultimate Memorabilia Finder.  Our resources are vast and will be able to locate the collectibles you are seeking. 


Time to meet us and who we are. Of course, you can see un on our social media pages, but here you get to see us live on TV and in our store.


Design an Entertainment Room

Introducing our Memorabilia Cave Designsors. Looking to create a Million Dollar Entertainment room or a Pool Hall Style setting in one of your rooms? Let our experienced designers help you.
Our 100% Authentic Team of experts have been comprised of the best in the industry. Find out more....We only do EXCLUSIVE authentication for Memorabilia.Expert, Steiner, and Goldin Auctions. The public may get some services based on availibility.

Record Breaking Prices

We have over 35 Years of experience in Private Sales and Auctions. From Million dollar sales to specialty collections, Memorabilia.Expert sells it. BEST LAS VEGAS AUCTION- Memorabilia.Expert.

What We Do

We are always looking to buy, sell, appraise and consign quality collectibles. 

Game-Used Jerseys

VIntage Baseballs

Vintage Sports Cards

Coins & Currency

Political Autographs

Expensive Art

Movie Posters

Rock-n-Roll Autographs

Stage Used Guitars

Movie Props

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Clothes

Memorabilia News

Dave Casper Signing in Las Vegas

By kieta | October 14, 2021

Michael Jackson’s Moon Walking Shoes Obtained During LA GEAR YEARS

By kieta | March 6, 2021

Hottest Commodity-Two Tom Brady Game-Used Footballs at Auction

By palka | February 10, 2021

Billionaires of Las Vegas Buy Memorabilia

By kieta | September 21, 2020

Post #320403

By kieta | September 17, 2020

Big-Name Space Memorabilia Auction Takes In $1 Million

By kieta | August 24, 2020

1925 Notre Dame Pottsville Football Expected to go for $60,000

By kieta | August 20, 2020

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected the Global Economy but Spared Sports Memorabilia

By kieta | July 30, 2020

Beatles Signed Contract from Ed Sullilvan Show

By kieta | July 23, 2020

The Great Sports Card Search Begins – BOLO – What We Buy & Finding Value in 1980’s Hockey Card & Wax Box Guide

By Stephanie Wilczynski | May 1, 2020

The Great Sports Card Search Begins – BOLO – What We Buy & Finding Value in 1980’s Football Card & Wax Box Guide

By Stephanie Wilczynski | April 28, 2020

The Great Sports Card Search Begins – BOLO – What We Buy & Finding Value in 1980’s Baseball Card Guide

By Stephanie Wilczynski | April 27, 2020

Yes! Buy Memorabilia and Donate Proceeds to Appreciate Covid-19 First Responders

By kieta | April 4, 2020

What do Tom Brady, Victor Moreno and Mauricio Ortega Have in Common?

By kieta | February 23, 2020

What Makes the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team Great

By kieta | February 12, 2020

2020 Super Vegas Luxury Auction Press Release

By kieta | January 28, 2020

Drake, Eat Your Heart Out- 22-Carat Ring Blinged by B.B. King

By kieta | January 22, 2020

Memorabilia.Expert Auction Results Hit All-Time Highs

By kieta | December 6, 2019

Memorabilia.Expert Supports Veterans- Raises Money

By kieta | May 17, 2019

Record Prices At Memorabilia.Expert Auction

By kieta | March 9, 2019

Famous and Almost Famous

At Memorabilia.Expert Auctions we are committed to not only servicing our buyers and sellers but also our Veterans.  View some of our Famous and Almost Famous Consignors, Buyers and Charities we have supported through the years. 


“I Picked the best auction house to sell my collection.  They sold my items quickly and I got the price I wanted.”

James Leblanc


“I always get quality memorabilia with the best authentication. Memorabilia.Expert Auctions has the goods.”

John Luc


“Victor & Kieta helped the Bulls Organization retrieve the STOLEN Michael Jordan Statue from the Chicago Bulls Stadium. Thanks for your committment.”

Bulls Organization


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