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Best Ways to Collect Sports Memorabilia

1948 Boston Red Sox Ted Williams Game-Worn Flannel

1948 Boston Red Sox Ted Williams Game-Worn Flannel

Best Ways to Collect Sports Collectibles

When you are building a collection of sports collectibles, you’ll want to start by selecting one sport to focus on. Instead of becoming overwhelmed trying to find quality sports collectibles in every sport, you’ll have better luck if you narrow your focus. If you narrow your focus, chances are you’ll become quite a bit more knowledgeable in that specific area and be able to acquire more valuable sport memorabilia. Next, decide how you want to build your collection. There are many ways to collect sports memorabilia.  Check out the Memorabilia Experts August 13th auction. 

Collecting Sports Memorabilia:

  1. Your local team: If you love to “root, root, root for the home team,” then start a collection of their sports memorabilia. Many towns and cities have more than one sports team, so you can pick one or start a collection reflecting all of the local teams. This allows you to have some parameters on your collections while giving you the freedom to choose many different types of collectibles.

  2. League records: If you love knowing the statistics about your favorite athletes and teams, start a collection of record-breakers. Only collect items that represent the athletes who have reached a certain goal. For example, if you collect baseball memorabilia, you could limit your collection to players who have a certain number of hits or home runs. If you want to collect football memorabilia, you can focus your collection on sports memorabilia commemorating athletes who have run a certain number of yards or who have won the Heisman Trophy before going pro.

  3. Complete sets: Many collectibles come in sets, and you can choose to collect an entire set. For example,sports cards are usually numbered, so you can make sure you have at least one of each number of cards printed by a certain brand.

  4. One type of collectible: If there is one type of collectible that appeals to you, focus your collection of it. Many people like to have shelves full of bobbleheads or diecast cars or a book of baseball cards, and this can help focus a collection. If this is the case, it couldn’t hurt to broaden your scope to two or three sports to keep things interesting.


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