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Comprehensive Guide To Collecting Memorabilia: Sport Memorabilia

collectingOur Memorabilia Experts will help guide you on your journey of collecting.  Before delving into the specifics of purchasing and collecting sports memorabilia, you should become familiar with the definition of the term.

  • Photos, trading cards, jerseys, helmets, balls, bats, or related sports equipment that have been signed by an athlete are considered sports memorabilia when that signature has been certified by a reputable distributor.
  • Remember, however, that the words “memorabilia” and “collectible” are often used interchangeably

The Smart Collector’s Guide to Purchasing Memorabilia and Avoiding Fraud

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first piece of sports memorabilia or a dedicated collector, there are many factors to consider when shopping for autographed sports collectibles. From determining what type of collection you’d like to build to selecting key pieces to buying authentic signed collectibles, buying sports memorabilia requires a lot of strategic decision-making.   We will go over these factors in the next paragraphs.  Stay tuned…

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