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Drake, Eat Your Heart Out- 22-Carat Ring Blinged by B.B. King

Directly from the B.B. King Estate, this 22ct heart-shaped ring was worn and adored by the great iconic musician. B.B. King, this mans, this musician’s love for exceptional jewelry was almost as much as his love for the blues. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes Association, contributing to Diabetes awareness.

Want a reason to visit Las Vegas?  Come down and see the King’s Ring.  The Luxury Auction House, Memorabilia.Expert is now showcasing this historical ring.

Kieta, Acquisitions Aficianodo, and Expert comments “Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, and is host to some of the most luxurious collectibles in the world, and I am honored to be part of that history.”

This 22-carat heart-shaped ring demonstrates his crazy love for jewelry.  With every costume, with every performance, B.B. King would wear some meaningful piece of gold, silver or diamonds to dress up his magical “size 13” fingers.

This particular ring is exceptional.  To say that the diamond ring is enormous certainly does not even capture the grandiosity of the diamond. This wonder of a diamond was gifted to B.B. King’s granddaughter upon his passing.  He adored his family, and his grandchildren were all so special, but this granddaughter, shined just as brightly as this heart-shaped diamond, so it was bestowed upon her.  It is only now that she is allowing this jewel to be offered at a luxury auction.

The ring has been examined by many jewelers including the master of gems Mr. Bogdan.   A formal appraisal from Summerlin Jeweler accompanies the ring, as well as a copy of the original page from the B.B. King Estate Inventory, provenance letter from the granddaughter, and other documents from the B.B. King Estate.

Dimension: 18.44″ X 17.64 x 9.84mm

Color: J

Clarity I1

Notably, Drake, just recently purchased a heart-shaped ring for his birthday and spent a whopping $500,000.  Drake, eat your heart out, as your bling, can’t touch the King Of Blues ring.  B.B.’s heart-shaped ring has history and an aura that no one can re-create except the King of Blues himself.  This diamond can only grace the collection of a blues purist, a ring aficionado, and a lover of one of the most prestigious diamonds to own in the world.

Mr. B. B King lived his life with diabetes and do some of his family members.   Diabetes affects millions of people as well, and B. B King wanted the best for our world.   Anyone who knew him would agree that he was a very generous humble man. His granddaughter will be donating a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes Association, contributing to Diabetes awareness.
The granddaughter wants to ensure she is following in her grandfather’s emanating his generosity.  The proceed

 will help educate our youth and loved ones about the effects of diabetes. The world has lost one of the greatest guitarists to Diabetes but his legend lives on in this Diamond heart-shaped ring and within the heart of his loving granddaughter.
COA B.B. King Estate,  Family Provenance from Soley owned by Granddaughter, Jewelers Appraisal

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