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Finding Clean Vintage Yankees Team-Signed Baseballs

1952 yankee baseball

Although vintage Yankee’s ball’s are available, the condition of the baseball is the difference that makes a good ball

1952 yankee baseball

“great!”  That’s what we have here.  Check out these Yankees Baseball’s .

1952 New York Yankees WSC Team Si

By 1952, the Yankees were in pursuit of their fourth consecutive world championship. The “arm-chair” historian, of course, will recall that the Pinstripers did just that – and continued the following season to claim an unprecedented fifth in a row. Meanwhile, 1952, twenty-five of those Yankees put their hand to this OAL (Harridge)  fine baseball. All the signatures are crisply distinct and grade “8-9” in quality. Allie Reynolds & Vic Raschi  solely occupies the sweet spot and a very rare vintage Mantle.  In turn, the panels bear the signings of Joe Collins, Jim McDonald, Bob Kuzava, Ed Lopat, Jim Brideweser, Billy Martin,  Johnny Sain, Yogi Berra, Johnny Mize, Gil McDougald, Hank Bauer,  Joe Ostrowski, Gene Woodling, Phil Rizzuto, Charlie Silvera, Irv Noren, Loren Babe, Tom Gorman, Ray Scarborough, Ewell Blackwell and Ralph Houk  (The Bill Miller is very faded )

All signatures are signed in blue & black ballpoint pen.

gned OAL (Harridge) Ball, 25 Sigs. w/ Vintage Mantle, Martin (No Clubhouse).

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