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Finding Reputable Sports & Collectible Auction Houses

Finding Reputable Sports & Collectible Auction Houses

By Kieta

June 24, 2015


Looking for A Reputable Auction House Which Features Sports, Entertainment and Collectibles?

Any business is all about opinion. Head online and you can find disparaging comments about just about everyone involved in the business, often from insiders speaking about their competitors. You may be missing out on a real good compnay.  On the other hand we can see all kinds of positive reviews too.  Many of these reviews  have been created by hired services making sure that reviews are positive and many.  You may choose this company and find that it wasn’t as good as its reviews.

So how does the regular consumer sift through the truth about finding a good Auction House? Let us help you get started.   We have come up with our picks. We have based our decisions on our personal experience, our personal knowledge of the company and its policies and finally on our own experience with working with the company.   Fox 19 also had an interesting article about where NOT to buy colletibles.

We have sought out some of the  recognized major auction houses or memorabilia dealers  whose names came up repeatedly as possessing impeccable reputations.

Reputable Auction Houses:

  1. First let’s start with us.  Our favorite pick of course Memorabilia.Expert
  2. Christies Auctions
  3. Sotheby’s Auctions
  4. Bonham’s Auction
  5. 5. Profiles In History





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Memorabilia Expert

Memorabilia Expert


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