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How To Navigate Our New Look! Auction Closes September 10th!

Yes, we have launched our new LOOK at BidAMI – Memorabilia.Expert and of course, NEW can always be a little confusing.  But, don’t worry because we have LIVE CHAT help in the right hand corner.  Chat with me now.

SHOP ALL :  Sorts by all the Main Catagories and then all products.  Click on your favorite category and you will the sub-catagories.  Products that are within all the categories always sort after the Catagories.

In order to filter through the merchandise, choose a sort criteria that best suits your needs.  We are currently working on getting more sort criteria’s and advance filtering options.

SORT BY Ending Soonest:  Sorts for Auctions Only-Current Auction

SORT BY Auctions:   Sorts by All Auctions

Sort By Newness :  Sorts for Buy Now-Store

Sort By Price -High Low:  Sorts for CURRENT BIDS only

Sort By Price -Low-High: Sorts for CURRENT BIDS only

My Memorabilia:  This is your bidding history, displaying all the items that you bid on.  It also shows the items that you won. Bingo!

My Wishlist: This allows you to put items into a wishlist that you really want to get. It also allows you to get a list together of stuff that you are interested in.

CHECKOUT:  You should get an email for each item that you won in auction.  Within each email is a link.  Upon clicking that link, it will add the item to your cart and then you can check out.  You can also checkout by going to MY MEMORABILIA and there at the bottom of the page you will see the items you “Won”.   There is an ADD button on each item.  You will click ADD on all your items that you won and go to your cart.



Choose Sort BY Criteria

Choose Sort BY Criteria

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