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“Imagine” – John Lennon’s piano- The Million Dollar Piano

john leenon piano

Almost 40 years ago, John Lennon sat down at his Steinway upright, situated in his bedroom at Tittenhurst Park, outside of London, and wrote the song “Imagine”. Lennon knew he had written something special.

$2.08 million was paid for the piano upon which John Lennon composed the hit song “Imagine”. Offered is an upright, like the Steinway but the brand is a Baldwin. Imagine that!

Having an opportunity to own one of Lennon’s piano’s is a chance in a lifetime which certainly doesn’t come around often especially since there were only a handful of Piano’s ever available.

Iconic legends last through the centuries. They are never forgotten and neither will Lennon’s favorite style upright piano.

We are pleased to present this very special on-line sale of John Lennon’s personal Acrosonic Baldwin Upright Piano. This Walnut Studio piano was Lennon’s tool of the trade. Originally sold in 1984, it has remained in the hands of a private collector for 27 years.

Without question, provenance is key to this historical “Fab Four” relic and it has the appropriate documentation. Directly from the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Estate, the signed certicate (Yoko Ono’s Signature) of authenticity reads:

“Certificate of Ownership Sale 5197 June 23, 1984, This item has been a part of The Collection of John Lennon and Yoko Ono John Lennon’s Baldwin Acrosonic Piano” Signed Yoko Ono.

Lennon’s Baldwin was featured amongst hundreds of items that Yoko Ono released from the estate during the 80’s and was featured in the Carosol Collection at the Sotheby’s sale.

Although, not attributed to any particular song composition, the Piano is an upright, just as the one that George Michael purchased for the $2.08 million. Lennon seemed to enjoy the uprights as so many other pianists have in the past as well. Surely, as Lennon traveled from apartment to apartment, he would compose, practice and create on each specific piano he had for that perfect abode. Palm Beach is the perfect abode where this piano rested its keys.

Being that he composed Imagine on the Steinway upright, it is highly likely that the Imagine had its time on this Baldwin upright.

George Michael used Lennon’s upright that he bought, to compose as well as spread his message of peace. . There is so much goodness that comes from owning anything of John Lennon’s and especially his piano. Currently, that piano is housed in a museum.

This was his instrument, his tool, his idea maker. The “piano” was Lennon’s legacy as are his lyrics and songs.

Made of walnut, the piano stands 34 3/4″ tall. It is in original EX condition. Serial Number: 987147. Accompanying the piano is the needlepoint-upholstered stool bench that John Lennon used to sit while creating. Bench has fabric blue top,with white design.

One can try to put a value on this Iconic Legend’s personal treasures, but there are some things that will always remain invaluable.


Yoko Ono and John Lennon Estate

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