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Jimi Hendrix’s Personal Guitar Is Up for Auction

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Jimi Hendrix Black Jaguar Fender Guitar Given to Him By Brian Jones-Provenance Roadie Tappy Wright

It’s pretty hard to believe that significant guitars and wardrobe from the Best Rock -N- Roll guitarist of all time, exists to this day.Where would these guitars and the wardrobe come from and how have they become available?

If anyone had access to these guitars, it would have been Tappy Wright, author of “Rock Roadie” and the likes of the management company Anime LTD, Mike Jeffries.  In order, to have access to the guitarist’s weapons, the Fender Strat, one needs the inside track.  That is what Tappy Wright had.  I mean, geez, After, Jimi Hendrix died, the Management company emptied out his flat.  So you know that Hendrix’s personal effects were stored away for safe keeping and Tappy was a benefactor.

76812_01_lgIn addition, many times Henrix would leave stuff behind at the Management company office.  Typical for the Rock Star.

This particular black Fender Jaguar guitar, was given to Jimi Hendrix by Brian Jones.  Tappy remembers “When I flew across form London to Monteray to bring Jimi over, Brian Jones came with us, as did one of the Animals.  As we got there, Jones had the guitar with him and then gave Jimi that Jaguar guitar.”76812_02_lg

It was strung up right handed so Jimi couldn’t use it.  The guitar came back to the London office with Tappy.  When Jimi came back, he re-strung it lefty.  The Black Fender Strat, was used at Olympic Studios in Barnes,England, sometime in October 1967,   Jimi used this guitar on quite a few tracks. Jimi talked about the Jag as he loved the sound.  This was Fenders most expensive guitar.   Jimi did’t like to play it on stage because it wasn’t comfortable to hold.  But Jimi, he liked the sound it produced.  This Jaguar was a good sound for the Blues, and Hendrix used it to create “Experiencing the Blues and Houndog”.

It’s still in good condition. After Jimi left the guitar with me, I kept the guitar in the main office, so I had it re-strung.  It was almost mandatory that you had a guitar lying around the office for the Rock n-Roll junkies.  They automatically would pick up the guitar and start playing it.   Hilton Valentine, Soft Machine, and other Rock Stars strummed this Fender. Serial Number:  L65163

Authentication: Tappy Wright Letter of Authentication.

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