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Marlon Brando “The Godfather” Signed 8×10 and Godfather Prop Gun

The Godfather's Gun-Prop From the Movie

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Now Available-The GodFathers Gun Prop from the Movie! 

BidAMI Memorabilia.Expert is now offering in its Sports Auction .. Well, yes- but “The Godfather” actually succeed in defining what it means to be American, Italian or not. To paraphrase the film’s own mantra: “it’s personal, not business.” The Corleones fight over the very issues that the entire American population fights over: money, power, control, lust and social status. The only 21st century American desire missing from this list is the ever-increasing shrill demand for fame, but, oh, how Don Corleone would have understood the cynical amoral manipulations of the bankers behind the country’s 21st century financial crisis.

Forty years later, “The Godfather” endures, its power growing exponentially with each passing year, yet even in the wake of its most brilliant descendant, “The Sopranos,” how much has really changed regarding public perception of Italians? A 2009 FBI report indicated that only 0.00782% of Italian-Americans possessed any criminal associations, yet a national Zogby poll found a staggering 75 percent of the American public believed that Italian-Americans have ties to the mob. Am I part of the problem? I may deplore the criminal stereotype yet realize that I can happily quote sections of “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos” from memory.

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