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Muahmmad Ali Handwritten Notes on His Mental Stability from Khalilah Ali

Buy NOW!  The following unedited transcript was taken from Muhammad Ali’s handwritten legal pad.  Ali’s stream of consciousness that perhaps was never supposed to make it to public view is now available for all to read and for one historian to possess.  These particular pages directly relate to his mental capacity as he was discovering he had an illness, Parkensons.  In addition, there are notes, and numbers refering to speaking engagements.  We have transcribed this 3- page of the original 19 paged legal pad.  Included with grammatical errors just as Ali wrote it we offer these words from within the mind of Ali:

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Page 1
Cort Palazea
1200 on 1884
[Finished files are the re-sults of years of scien-tific study combined with the experience of years.]
Now count aloud the F’s in the rectangle above. Count them only once – do not go back and count them again.
If you think you are Right Read the Following
Page 2
Miss Pearl Speare
Home No 232-2872
School Mc Kinley High School.
Teddy 231-9720 cod 212
Office (616) 241-0221
home           241-2513
Grand Rapids Mighingan
Speek about 8 oclock
Page 3
Can tick…

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