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Muhammad Ali Handwritten Notes Lot 3

controverisal writings by AliBuy Now.


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And today the son of truth is riseing on the Dark housing of Falsehood. And this falsehood would like to put a Great to appose the truth. Light of the truth. But it cannot be done anymore than night appose day. Regardse to its efford to do so it can not do so because light vanisheds darkness. And so does truth vanisheds falsehood. We have been here in this part of the earth for 400 years without the truth. We have not been lead into the knogle of the truth. If you had knowldge of the truth, these things would not surpise you nor would you be excited over the maufiction of the truth over falsehood. We are very much confused and are makeing fatil mastickes By not have knowlge of the truth. Unable to guide ourselves been spritily Blin we are stumbleing and falling. The White Man knowes the truth, But they don’t want us to know the truth, but they want falsehood to trymp over truth, which it cannot be done time is out for false hood. The truth must win and it is for the nightnaus, We the so Negro should be proud and happy to hear the call to come to your own, to join aunts your own. And to accept your own. You should be happy to hear such call. And truth. But you cannot see this much because you are still under falsehood. You cannot see yourself or your way to self. Than you hear the call but it does not enter the ear it is onely heard outside the ear. If it would onely enter the ear it would enter the heart. And there the heart would be connected.
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And would belive it and you would go to the truth because you are members of the author of truth. The Devine surpime beam. Whas proper name is Allah, we have been called to falsehood and still follow falsehood and the atham of falsehood and the darkness of evil.
: The White Man would like to turn as many of the so called Negroes a way from the truth the The Hon Elyah Muhammad teaches and the truth that he has, they hate that truth because that truth makes them manfist to the world that they are other than the truth the Makers of untruth the barries of untruth and the backers of untruth and falsehood the people are angrey over it. THEM said that these people must be shawn up thes people must be made manfist so that the richaus of the World may accept richenous. So that they can torn onto the side of truth and richenous. And give up falsehood and the people of falsehood. And decept your own – you may say what is my own – THEM said that your own is Richenous – and Truth, you are of God you came and proceded from the Devine supprem Beam. And we have been decived by the Devils that you are something other than your real self. And we have been following the Devils from these many centries and now god wants you to follow your own kind.
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Falsehood must vanishe and be destoryed from amoung the people so that the people who deisires to live in truth and faller after richenous and faller after the Doers or richenous, may do it freely with out kindness. The evil doers the haters of truth and richenouss hinders the doing of richenouss because they hate right doing they hate justice they hate truth and love other than truth and love injustice merder and desturckion of the people they were made to do just that. THEM teaches us that following after this kind of people we become a member of this same people and have that kind of sprit with in your self.
The White Race Changes us with things that they know is untrue to make the Negroes hate us as they hate us because of richenouss they hate, they know that richenouss will win, they know that the God as right and Justice is bound to trump. And those who are with him.
The Muslim are hated because they try to do that which is right and because their unity is good and fairn.
Page 4
Because the devil White man never teaches unity onley in a false way, he is the one who destoryes unity. He seckes to dive man angist man all the time. This is the he rules and that is buy division. Subject over
In the Holey name of Allah our savior and delever in the person of Master W Faid Muhammad to whom prase is do for ever and to whom we the socalled negro cannot give enough thinks for his comeing and giveing us his last and greatest appastile the A on Elyah Muhammad I great you with the Greatings of peice Islam alum.

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