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Pages of Muhammad Ali’s Thoughts In His Own Handwriting Reference to Allah, Muslims & the White Man (lot 2)

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The following unedited transcript was taken from Muhammad Ali’s handwritten legal pad.  Ali’s stream of consciousness that perhaps was never supposed to make it to public view is now available for all to read and for one historian to possess.  We have transcribed this 4- page of the original 20 paged legal pad.  Included with grammatical errors just as Ali wrote it we offer these words from within the mind of Ali:
Page 1
We want you to know THEM the preaches of fredom Justice and Equality to the America so called Negro, who was Brought here 400 years ago and have served as slaves and servents for 400 years without freedom justice and Equality, and this preachings of freddom justice and Equality has caused much to be said other than the truth andmist the truth, for one to speek of truth and justice for the poor American so called Negro be becomes the Nomber One Enemiey of America. Bouth White and Black. If one teaches this on the Trill to the so called Negro America points him out as he no one Enemy. The White face makes it appear that the truth that THEM is teachings is hate or called hate. Wile the World knowes it is the truth, it is easy for the White man to call the truth hate – because it shoes up his falsehood. And falsehood never likes the truth. Anymore than darkness love light. For truth dispells falsehood as light dispells darkness. For the sake of the so called Negro who were brought here and made slaves and have not been given fredom justice and Equality and have allowed to have Equaly appounity. To use the so called Negro according to the Words of the prophes, Who pridected that the truth would come to us thounds of years ago. You we must have the truth. God allmighty him self, is behind this truth. God allmighty him self has brought the truth. To me the so called America negro.
Page 2
God has said that we are not negroes. He has said that we were last members of the Asia nation. From a tribe called Shabazz. And that we have been deprived of the knowledge of ourselves and the knowledge of our own people and the knowledge of those who have subjected us. And the knowledge of a god himself. And god has givein the Hom E Muhammad our true religion, whirl will give us fredom justice and Equality to enemy beleiver.  And this is the religion of Islam.
And the White man has rejected it and he still rejects it – But he useds it in secrect sucities. But he has not taught the so called American Negro this religion, nor did they teach us his own religion Christianity while we severed him 300 years of our slavery. And the slave master refused to his slave to church with him or repesant a God to him other than him self. For 300 years the White man is doing everything to keep the Negro in his Christianity – and doing everything to keep him out of the religion of Islam, for Islam is the true Religion of god. It is a religion of Intire subjectunsion to the will of God. What praper name is Allah. It is a religion that accepts everyone who belive as brothers, not In words but in deeds. I know thas is the truth because I have been all due the Islamic world and I have been all due the Islamic world and I have been recived as a brother to and of all Muslims. 
Page 3
from the leise to the greatest and from the greater to the leise I was decepted as a brother. Many will say that we are not accepted by the farm Muslims of the east, well we want you to know that THEM is all they talk about in the Muslims Countryies I know because I was there. No Brother Muslims will say anything anginast another Brother Muslim, Especially In the presiants of a enemy of Islam, and for the sake of that enemiey.
The White man don’t want us in unity. They want to destroy the little groupe called Muslims. Who has accepted Islam and has united into a Brotherhood – destroy them, they don’t want the Negro to be united fided. This is the thing that the slave Master have ever been waichfull to try from every happending in America amoung the Negro. And that is to allow them to agree as brothers and to XXX them selves into one Boudy, He has forever prevented us from been in united or enjoying peace and united as brothers. Therefore he has divied one so called Negro anginist the other, and making it awfull double hard. For any man to try to bring united or unite this people togather because he works day and night to keep them apart.
Page 4
and now they see THEM teaching Bringing us Togather, and they say that he is causing trouble when he has nothing to cause trouble with unless it is the truth. And eveywere ther is trouble with our people they try to make it appare that Elyah is the cause of it. They want to label us with piece Brakeing and trouble Makeing. And assagrive people – wile we are walking around as umble sheepe in the mist of wolves. And lions leppods with know wehponds in our hand or pocket and we are not even alloud to carrie it. But yet they are some wicket minded hatefull persons that diss like the truth to be taught in their mist. And hateing the united of the American so called Negro. Are now trying to build up every evenit to aginist us to change us with an agrenessive groupe or perporeing for war aginist the white man. This is lies. And a bould lie that they are trying to make aginist us. We are Makeing them out of a lie by our peaceful moveing around right here in their midnt. But yet all of this is for what to scar the socalled American Negro from comming to the truth and from folling Elyah. They know that if after them, they know that god wants the Negro to be free. Everything that that can do to appose it they will try to do it.



  1. Patrick Jardine on June 30, 2016 at 10:35 AM

    where do I bid on these?

    • Kieta Kieta on June 30, 2016 at 10:38 AM

      Hi Patrick, We are just getting all the LOTS prepared..We should have them up and ready over the weekend .. or early next week. We will be doing an official marketing launch with the Muhammad ALI notes once we have them completely finished. . They have never been seen before and are of very interesting and compelling content. Keep checking back and keep an eye on out for our emails.

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