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Muhammad Ali’s Handwritten Draft Letter to Malcolm X Provenance Khalilah Ali

controverisal writings by Ali

Buy NOW!  Directly from Muhammad Ali’s EX-Wife.. His own personal thoughts during the lat 60’s handwritten on legal pad.  Below we have transcribed without any correction the exact words that Muhammad Ali had written as a draft letter to be sent to Malcolm X.

LOT 1-Page 1

 Dear Subject Mal x
All of the Negros or called Leaders of our people and think that they are soposed to be fighting for the rights of black people. Wh are so afraid of this White Man that they don’t know what to do, and any kind of hollering that they do they hollow to the degree they think the White Man will let them get away with it. Most of the time they will hollow that the kind of Negro doesn’t get freedom for anybody.
These Black Leaders are not going to get the so called Negros free, as long as they are afraid of making the White Man angry. How are you going to get free from a White Man and you are afraid to make him angry. How are you going to fight a man that you are afraid to hurt, that you are afraid that you will inflick pain upon him. and that’s why you and I have been walking around here in Cercles for the past 400 years, We’ve been following people who are afraid, we been following Leaders who are afraid. And those who are not afraid of the White Man they are afraid of some kind of Indire to them selves like loasing some of these fincheal standing. And this is why we followed T.H.E.M. and reject that old Christianing, anytime the Negro who preaches not a religion call Christianity and they can get up in you and my foce will there call or turn backwards acting ill hally.
Page 2
fat and greasy that’s what they actually are.  And at the same time sell you and me out behind the door. Well we after hearing the truck just can’t follow that kind of leadership. We couldn’t follow them Religious we couldn’t follow them socially, we couldn’t follow them any way fasion or form. This is why we left the church, we all went to Church, we get tired of what they were putting down in them, and Today we are following a black man who is a Religious Man and he is a richaus Man, and to be true about it, For the so called Negro to be free today – He must follow a leader who is not afraid of the White Man. How can someone Lead you and me if he is afraid of the White Man. Were is he going to lead us and what is he going to Lead us against. Anything that the Negro is crying out against is all around the White Man, and as long as we have this kind of leadership we will lie in bod shape for a long time.
The White Man is afraid of the followers of T.H.E.M. and not the XXX Groupes. Don’t know XXX have to be afraid of a Groupe on a man who loves his enemy. I wouldent be afraid of my enemy if he love me, and I really wouldent be afraid of him if he was nonrelented.
Page 3
And anyone who can teach me to the non volented and say that I should love my enmiey why he is the best freind My enemie has, if you understand. And this is why the White Man backs enemy leader but T.H.E.M., These leaders are the best and Greatest Wepond the White Man into his hands to disone, The black Man and people who all been beaten at the hands of the White.
They are going around here Teach all people to turn the other Check, and saying that Jesus said turn the other Check Jesus said no such thing its alright to turn Check for minite but don’t turn it forever, you turn it to get set so you Can/Though your Right hand that what Jesus ment when he said turn the other Check, or when a Man is a coward and he wants no one to know that he is a Coward he has to have something to hide behind, and when we start takeing the stand as Man, the World will reconized you as a Man the World will respect you as a man, and the World will give you a man due. And as lone as you run around here acting like a little boy, and letting the White Man treat you like a little leggy and you now on do nothing, well they will treat you like a little boy becaus that what you are. Just a little Boy.
Page 4
No Woman wants a man who is alway geting his head busted and won’t fight back. How can she fill like a woman without a man – and if you can’t take this truth then you should leave here – because there is more of where this came from.
We are not strangers we are Brother + Sister to Each other, we are one Big happy family, and were one Big happy Family, onely because THEM has made it so. Before he started teaching us we thought we were strangers to each other, and we thought the White Man was our Brother, We were enemies to each other, But we thought the White Man was our friend this show you that all had to be out of our minds, anytime you take some one who has proven to you that he doesn’t like you and he hates you, But yet you want him to be your Friend, and here we are we look alike and we can’t be friends, this shows that we have been brain wased, Instead of Negroes want ing to get with the White Man, you should want to get with God, But you and I don forget God, all you can see now is the White Man. You don’t want to be like God, you want to be like the White Man, you don’t want to be with God, you want to be with the White Man. You don’t to please God, you want to please the White Man. Lets love him even if he hates us, ant that what they preach to you lest love him even if he hates, well they are out of thir mind and they’ve fot you out of your mind.
Page 5
You me are eary to lead in the roung dirtion – but hard to lead in the Right dirition. Its easy to get a negro to the White Man But its hard to get you to Allah God, and the Truth that God gave T.H.E.M. If you wanted to go to haven right now, would you have to integrate are sepperate. If you wanted to get to God right now would you have to integrate are sepperate, if you knew the truth right now would you want to integrate or sepperate, Jesus said that you shall know and it should make you free, he dident say that Abeyham Lincon would make you free, He dident say that you Congresman or Sentinor would make you free, he dident say that some presdent ago gain, to make you free, he said truth will make you free. Well how many of us know the truth, we can’t say that all know the truth, when we don’t know the truth about ourselves, when we call our self Tim Smith, we don’t know our Language. You don’t know your Cultuer Back grown, you don’t know the truth about your self and if you don’t know the truth about your self, how can you know the truth about anything ealse, how in the World can a man know anything, if he don’t know his self,
            What is a negro, doing with the name George Roberson, when George Roberson was is a English name, hes not a Englishman.
Page 6
You don’t find him calling himself, Chan Chon, he don’t call himself after a Chinman, why he don’t call himself after a Chinman, why don’t Negroes in America have Chinneese names, why don’t Negroes in America have some kind of African or Aisan name, because the name that they are wearing dident come to them by choice, the name that they wear were giving to them by the White Man, By the slave master, By the slave maker, by the slave brode, what will I look like running around here calling my self Jessie James, I would be out of my mind, why the passie is looking for Jessie James, if it was my name I change it, why I woudent call myself by that name, because it is a XXX attached to that name, why is there a XXX – because he was a bank rober, he was a cruck, and he wasent as bad as the White Man himself, all Jessie did was robe some Banks, but the Wite Man came here and robed a Nation of people, and stold a Contentment from the Indains, Baught you and me over here and stold our XXX, stold our names stold our Religion stold our God, stold our mind, stold our back bone, and if you are not going to call your self after Jessie James, what do you look like calling your self after this White Man,
Page 7
When they are better Crooks Clective than Jessie James ever hope to be,
            Negroes call this hate, simpley because you hate your self, if you love your self you couldent love your enemie, the onely way you can love your enemie is hate yourself, the more love you have for you enemie, the more hate you have for your self, and the more love you have for you self- the more hate you have for your enemie, and theres nothing roung with that. Because God hates his enemies, God hates his enemies so much he said that when he come, hes goin to put them in a lake of fire, he dident say that he was going to forgive him, he said he was goin to burn him, in a lake of fire, well if God’s got sense enough to tell you an advance, what he’s goin to do to his enemy when he came, they you and I should be wise enough to know what to do with our enemie, whos already here,
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