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Pujols Vs. Pujols.. Is it the same gamer?

pujols gamer

pujols gamerWe recently came across one of the best year for Albert Pujols jerseys.   In 2002, Albert batted .314 with 34 HRs and 127 RBI and finished as runner-up for the NL Most Valuable Player award. Since his rookie season, Pujols has never failed to finish outside the top four in MVP voting.

We also found that the 2002 Albert Pujols Game-Used, Autographed Cardinals Jersey that is up for auction on August 13th at, was originally listed in auction back in February, 2008.    

How do we know this?

pujols1.  Albert Pujols autograph located on the “5”.  It is identical.

2. The PSA Letter is the same and has the same PSA number.

3.  The staining is in the same location and is identical.

4.  We sold the first jersey in 2008.  Our database records and photomatching indicate that it is the same jersey.

5.  The tagging markings are identical.


The jersey originated from Rob Steinmetz and has his original paperwork with autograph and seal.  It also has the PSA LOA for the autograph.

Now since 2008, when this was purchased from the Auction, for appearance and display purposes only, the jersey’s owner added the Buck and Kyle patches onto the sleeves of the jersey.   These patches were actually put onto the jersey’s during MID SEASON of 2002. This does not in any way detract from the jersey’s authenticity.

Because, there was alteration of the jersey’s original state, we felt compelled to show the findings and matches of the Pujols jersey so that there was no confusion of its authenticity.  pujols





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