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Ronnie James Dio’s Microphone “The Very Best Of Dio Tour” Photomatch LOA Provenance

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Either way, the metal legend is getting his stage due with ‘The Legend of Dio: A Metal Musical,’ a show that’s being billed as “the first heavy metal musical” and is scheduled to bow in Australia — specifically at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Victoria — on March 6. Described in a press release as “a fictional comedy based on Dio’s music, lyrics and imagery,” ‘Legend’ promises fans a theatrical experience that’s “equal parts Tenacious D, ‘Rock of Ages’ anRonnie-James-Dio-630x420d Shakespeare.”

The cast includes a number of Australian metal veterans, including Barbarion frontman Myles Tauchert as Satan, H.M.A.S. Vendetta singer William James Smith as Dio and Horizons Edge singer Kat Stargazer as Wendy Dio — all of whom combine to create an experience in which fans are encouraged to “raise your devil horns and salute a true metal legend.”

Ticket prices have been set at $20, with pre-orders available at this link. To stay up to date on news and events surrounding ‘The Legend of Dio,’ follow the show on Facebook.

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