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1863 HOF Alexander Cartwright “True Father of Baseball” Handwritten Onion Skin Letter

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1863 HOF Alexander Cartwright “True Father of Baseball” Handwritten Onion Skin Letter

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Rare dramatic 142 year-old relic from the life of the true inventor and innovator of “Base Ball.” Cartwright was the first organizer, player and proponent of the modern game, and there is no refuting the evidence supporting his legacy despite the Doubleday myth which was permitted to stand for decades. This “onion skin” letter, in the Hall of Famer’s own hand, was executed on March 24, 1863, from Honolulu home. It’s a full 8″ x 10″ letter of thanks sent in response to a “numismatic” gift received from a fellow collector in NY. The 19th century onion skin technique he used to create this unique document served primarily as a method of retaining accounts of important correspondence, but essentially, this onion skin “copy” is literally in his hand; the ink was administered simultaneously as it bled through the top page to this onion skin beneath. While genuine baseball-related signatures of this Hall of Famer command thousands of dollars, this lot offers a golden opportunity to obtain a legitimate document written by this extremely desirable member of baseball’s elite, including his signed name, “Alex J. Cartwright.”

Understandably, this fragile page displays some creases, border chips, and minor paper splits due to the acidity of the ancient ink, but it projects as EX, displays as such, and will no doubt be a grand addition to any serious collection. Extremely rare by any defintion, and originates directly from a Hawaiian resident and ancestor of the true “Father of Modern Baseball.”

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