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1878 Kessler’s “Baseball 1878” Print

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1878 Kessler’s “Baseball 1878” Print

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Julius Kessler, the 19th Century distiller of renown, sponsored the creation of many pan style=”font-style: italic;”>objets d’art – especially of the woodcut variety. As is apparent by the prints that have survived, he held a special appreciation for a variety of sporting disciplines. Among such Kessler prints is this offered piece titled simply, “Baseball 1878.” The site is unknown and, for that matter, may be idealistic. In spirit, there are accuracies of note here – specifically, the positioning of the fielders, the sole umpire, the player benches, and the limitless outfield. Though the popularity of the game was expanding by bounds in the years immediately following the Civil War, this image most certainly overstates the attendance. Now matted and framed to about 20 1/4″ x 16 1/2″, the piece reposes at about Excellent, qualified by a few areas of inoffensive staining. Naturally, the print itself can’t be dated, but it’s reasonable to speculate that it traces to the first decades of the 20th Century, or earlier.


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