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1880s Cigar Box w/Baseball-Theme Label

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1880s Cigar Box w/Baseball-Theme Label

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A precise vintage on this one hundred-count cigar box can’t be determined, but most certainly it traces to the late 19th Century. The balsa container measures 9-7/8" x 5" x 3-1/2" and it bears the expected assortment of tax stamps and affixed certifications. The product, specifically, was "Old Time G" under the manufacture of Leonard & Roess (Vermont). The hinge of the box is safely secure (as is the integrity of the box itself) while the edges of the several appliques are a bit brittled. The central feature in this box, however, is its labels which litho-illustrate action baseball scenes. And in interpreting the nature of the player figures, we’re inclined to date this piece to the 1880s (tailoring of the generic uniforms, no gloves, and the general posturing). The principal label (inside the lid) is about EX – there are a couple small, non-penetrating punctures confined to the background area, and there’s some minor damp-staining around the perimeter. But the image area is abundantly clean. A like label in miniature appears on the right panel of the box and it, too, is about EX with some light staining toward the lower aspect. The left side panel is without a label.    



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