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1880’s to 1890s Baseball Bib Style Fireman BBC Jersey Red Shirt


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Late 1880’s to 1890’s Baseball Bib Style Red Fireman style Jersey Shirt. This Jersey was a type used by either Baseball Players or Fireman when playing the game of Baseball. The fact it has BBC lettering under the D  confirms it was used to play as a baseball jersey, as BBC stands for Baseball Club. The Jersey is in Perfect Near Mint Original Condition, Bright Red color , Rare in itself to find such an Historic piece of memorabilia in this condition.has the original manufactures tag on the jersey, but it has worn away from all these years. Rare that this jersey has any tagging at the bottom These Jerseys cost alot when made back then and mostly were made for clubs in The Bigger cities. The letter D is on the front with BBC below it. It has all the Original Pearl style White Buttons. Most of these teams that played using these Jerseys  originated from the Midwest or East Coast of the USA back in the late 1880’s . these rarely ever come up for sale in the marketplace.


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