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1881 Las Vegas (New Mexico) Newspaper Articles on Billy The Kid (2)

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1881 Las Vegas (New Mexico) Newspaper Articles on Billy The Kid (2)

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A lot of the folks who first read these two newspapers probably wore spurs and conspicuously packed a six-shooter. Yep, podnuh…these is issues of the Daily Optic, published in Las Vegas…as in New Mexico Territory. (In terms of settlement, the ‘Las Vegas’ in New Mexico pre-dates that throbbing metropolis in Nevada by ’bout 70 years.) Precisely, these two newspapers are dated May 9th, and May 10th of 1881. Each is a simple foldover (amounting to four pages of print), and they’re six columns wide (15-1/2" x 21-1/2"). Both are brittle (partially separated) at the hinges, but both can be readily handled – technically Good, but not fragile.

Seems as though this God-neglectin’, lawless critter Billy Bonney (the "Kid") was now in the news more than ever. On page four of the first paper, there appears the article "Is the Kid Killed?" It amounts to a rumor on the streets that a ‘Marshall Studemier’ down El Paso way had gunned down the desperado. (Of course, this proved to be false as Billy would live a few more months before actually bitin’ the dust at the wrong end of a Sharps rifle brandished by Marshall Pat Garrett.) The editor of the Daily Optic doubted the validity of the Kid’s demise, but if he was shot, "…another Torquemada has gone to rest. No tears will be shed, no requiem chanted…" The following day (May 10, 1881), the Daily Optic ran an editorial on the fearful state of society in the shoot-’em-West of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Special mention of Billy the Kid is printed in this front-page article titled "Western Outlaws." Billy’s recent escape from custody is recounted and that "This section of the country is full of men who should be hanged before sunrise…The Kid is no worse than others running around Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico…Offer rewards for them dead or alive, the former preferred."      



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