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1890 Brooklyn Program

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1890 Brooklyn Program

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One of baseball’s proudest legacies drew its first breath in the season of 1890. The site was Washington Park where a Brooklyn nine, identified as the ‘Bridegrooms,’ commenced its first schedule in the National League. Originally, the team was comprised mainly of new faces and refugees from Brooklyn’s roster in the American Association. However, it’s from that inaugural season that this offered program derives. The team became a hallowed tradition, progressing through nearly seven decades to weave a history rich with whimsical despair – yet one punctuated with fleeting moments of exhilaration and celebration. They evolved to become the Dodgers, and their cradle ultimately rendered the legends of Vance and Branca, of Furillo and Babe Herman, Pete Reiser and ‘Oisk,’ the Robinsons – Jackie and Uncle Robbie, Zack Wheat and, of course, Jimmy Johnston. This tangible remembrance is a 32-page publication. It has undergone a measure of very successful restoration to the covers, yet its integrity has been secured. The program has retained its original corded binding, and all the pages – which provide extensive biographies – are firmly anchored. The Bridegrooms hosted Philadelphia for this game, and we may reference all the details from its neatly penciled scoring. The Phillies rostered a couple superstars who were eventually enshrined, while the Brooklyns had none, yet the denizens of Washington Park captured the league’s pennant in this, their debut season. This program is a monument in the history of the franchise, and its restoration to apparent VG/EX forgiven, it is an absolute requisite to the high-profile Brooklyn Dodger collection.

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