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1900-1910 Reach Fielders Glove

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1900-1910 Reach Fielders Glove

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Now offered is a magnificent fielder’s glove that we’re confident dates to the first decade of the 20th Century. The glove is a Reach model 18C that exhibits minimal use. The dark-toned leather, which appears to be calfskin, is soft and pliable, with the rich luster of a new glove. The inside is virtually undisturbed, with minimal wear. The unrestored cloth trim and strap evidence light use, but yet remain completely intact. The fastener on the back strap is a genuine, early Reach button crafted in brass (which appears to have been more recently polished). Just below the Reach logo, this beautiful relic bears the caption, “Patented March 10th 1908.”


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