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1908 Ty Cobb Game-Used Spalding Bat

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1908 Ty Cobb Game-Used Spalding Bat

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This Ty Cobb Spalding professional model bat, circa 1908, is uncracked and shows evidence of heavy use. Ball marks cover the barrel and there are several shallow gouges in the barrel that resemble cleat marks. To note, cleat marks are a well known Cobb characteristic. The wear on the barrel is abundant throughout and minor grain swelling (from definite use) can be found on the back.
Another interesting feature, is the presence of a black residue on the upper handle and barrel. It’s widely accepted that Cobb often times spit tobacco juice on his bats.

The bat measures 34.25″ and weighs 41.8 ounces which is consistent for bats used by Cobb during the era and throughout his career. A lathe mark is clearly visible on the bottom of the knob indicating it was hand turned. The presence of this mark confirms this bat to be a pro model and not a retail model. Spalding retail model Autograph series bats had a finished knob that featured the familiar Spalding baseball trademark. Additionally, the lengths of Spalding retail model bats didn’t include quarter inch or half inch measurements. At 34.25″, it can only be a pro model.

It’s important to note, that the age has been placed at 1908 because that’s the only year Ty Cobb Autograph series bats appear in Spalding catalogs. Beginning in 1909, Cobb bats do not appear in Spalding catalogs. Carved into the barrel, under the Spalding center brand were the initials “A H C”. Although we don’t know when the initials were applied, their appearance indicates their age to be concurrent with the bat. These initials have been professionally removed to further enhance the aesthetic appeal and complete the restoration process. To our knowledge this rare offering is one of only three or four known Cobb bats from this time period. And to add to the rarity, this is the first public sale of the bat in over two decades. PSA Bat Authenticator John Taube gave this bat a grade of GU 6. One of the finest and earliest identified professional model Ty Cobb game-used bats.

100% Authentic Team, Psa Bats-John Taube

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