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1911 Ty Cobb Sweet Caporal Pin (PSA Graded)

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1911 Ty Cobb Sweet Caporal Pin (PSA Graded)

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Typifying the next rung after standard standard tobacco card inserts is the issue known as P2 Sweet Caporal pins. For today’s hobbyist, they’re a pleasurable pursuit; not too tough, but certainly not available in the abundance of T205 or 206. The mightiest figure in P2 is Ty Cobb, one of which is now made available. This one is of the “small letter” ilk, and it’s been graded trong>EX-MT 6 by trong>PSA – which translates that it’s pretty nice. Close examination divulges a very slightly imperfect surface, but still quite worthy of its professional evaluation. As is evident in our photo for this piece, the image is perfectly centered in relation to the pin’s perimeter – and for the issue, faulty orientation is a frequent distraction. A fine pin it is, complete with its paper insert.

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