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1914 Christy Mathewson Cracker Jack Card (#88) (Graded SGC VG 3)

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1914 Christy Mathewson Cracker Jack Card (#88) (Graded SGC VG 3)

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Abnormally intense demand has pressured the 1914 Cracker Jack Christy Mathewson to frenetic levels. That the card is simply a Hall of Famer element in the very popular issue is not the sole stimulus, however. In an effort to economize their outlay for Cracker Jacks, many hobbyists today have elected to pursue the full variety of different Cracker Jack images without regard to the sponsor’s two issues (1914 and 1915). Nearly all the poses from the ’14 production were replicated in 1915 (though the latter issue added 32 subjects). The one exclusive exception is the portrayal of Mathewson – card number 88 in both sets. In 1914, he’s depicted in a pitching posture … but in a radical departure, he’s posed as a portrait in 1915. Compounding the aberration, 1914’s cards were obtained only via single dispensing with the confection, whereas in 1915, sets (as complete units) were offered by mail order as well – a method which, by today’s apparent census of cards from the respective issues, was widely exercised. Categorically, cards packaged in the candy boxes bear varying degrees of product staining, much to the dismay of modern condition idealists. It logically follows, then, that suitable Cracker Jack cards from 1914 (to include #88 Christy Mathewson in a pose unique to the issue) are tough to capture.

The 1914 Cracker Jack Mathewson here offered has been evaluated by SGC who delivered a condition assessment of pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>40 VG 3, to which we’re in full agreement. The qualifications detail – mild/moderate product staining (front and back); uniformly rounded corners (but no layering); acceptable centering (65/35 left/right); minute material damage at the top border; acceptably clean color in the image area; sharp register; and absolutely no creases. The card is scarce by virtue of its vintage, method of distribution, and its high rate of attrition through nearly a century of being.


1914,1915,Card  Christy Mathewson

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