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1921-23 Yankee Stadium Blueprint (Roof Detail)

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1921-23 Yankee Stadium Blueprint (Roof Detail)

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As a working blueprint, this original document was first drafted by the Osborn Engineering Co. in 1921. Revisions were added through 1922 and, we assume, most of what is expressed here culminated to the finished Yankee Stadium of 1923. This blueprint treated dimensions concerning the roof detail. The piece was yielded on a tear-resistent vinyl material (paper-like, but flaccid and translucent) and it measures 36″ x 24″. With no blemishes or,damage to the material, we’re also impressed in that none of its first-drafted markings were ever altered (to effect professional changes) – it’s simply a very nice Yankee Stadium memento now, and abundantly impressive for framed display.


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