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1921 American League Opening Day Photo Display

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1921 American League Opening Day Photo Display

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The ceremonial First Pitch of the American League’s 1921 season is captured in this series of five photographs. The venue was National Park (but having just been re-christened Griffith Stadium), and the principal guest that day was President Warren Harding. In a random series of staged tableaux, we behold the images of Harding; his Secretary of Commerce (and later to become our 31st Chief Executive) Herbert Hoover; General of the Armies and grand hero of our presence in “The War to End All Wars”, John J. Pershing; and the Father of Baseball in the Nation’s Capital, Clark Griffith. This noble assembly conducted the formal proceedings that witnessed the April 13th tilt between the Red Sox and the hosting Senators. The photographs are all horizontally oriented 8″ x 10″ and they are, of course, period prints. Now fashionably mounted in a matted frame to measure 19″ x 33″, these photos appear (one and all) to be minimally EX/MT.

1921,American League,Baseball,Photo,Presidential  Clark Griffith,Herbert Hoover

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