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1927 New York Yankees Team-Signed Ball – 31 Signatures w/Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins, Lazzeri (PSA/DNA Full LOA)

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1927 New York Yankees Team-Signed Ball – 31 Signatures w/Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins, Lazzeri (PSA/DNA Full LOA)

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Frequently debated, but rarely refuted – the mightiest assembly ever fielded under one major league banner was the 1927 Yankees. Ultimately, seven of its stars are now emblazoned in Cooperstown permanence. It was one of those seasons when all the componentry ran like a Swiss watch. The major stars, as anticipated, performed brilliantly. But perhaps it was the supporting cast that year, rising to exact their best, that elevated the ’27 Yankees from pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>one of the best to the pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>ultimate team in the annals of the game. And it was in the course of that 1927 campaign that the Yankees converged to place their signatures on this baseball.

We introduce the detailing to report that it has a couple liabilities. But conversely, there’s to be emphasized an immensely rewarding counterbalance. Of the former, we note that the ball was heavily shellacked, and the resultant toning has, by measures, subdued the strength of the signatures. The net effect, then, is that the Yankee signatures are all legible (some of them need a little coaxing to identify), but their aggregate quality eddies about “4” to “5”. The major appeal in this ball, on the other hand, is that it includes the entirety of that 1927 Yankee roster – all the regulars, all the pitchers, all the bench-warmers, the coaches and, not to be overlooked, their beloved skipper, Miller Huggins. (The only remote qualification to this declaration is that the ball is missing Walter Beall, who appeared in only one game for the ’27 Yankees, and probably wasn’t even on hand to sign the ball.)

A perusal of the authoritative web site,, verifies that the Yankees in 1927 rostered 24 players (excluding the very brief attendance of Beall). Add to this, then, Huggins and the two coaches, and we should have 27 signers on this ball. There are, however, 31 different signatures appearing about its surface, and we can only speculate the identities of the other four. (Possibly they were aspiring, but non-rostered minor leaguers or, perhaps, front office personnel. Their names pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>appear to be Tom MacFayden, Don Miller, Joe Stybowski and Jim Picher.)

Against that backdrop, we invite the reader to consider this 1927 Yankee team signed baseball, one whose signatures are unexcelled in comprehensive scope. The medium is an OAL (Ban Johnson) and the stampings are almost entirely obscured, except for trace remains of the league president’s simulated signature in the south panel. In lieu of a stamping on one of the sweet spots, we find a handwritten caption announcing that these are the “pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>Yankees 1927.” And to prescription, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Babe Ruth signed the standard sweet spot; his signature projecting at a strength of “pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>6”. (We’d be remiss in failing to report that he penned his name with quotations flanking “pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>Babe”, as was his wont before 1929.) Proceeding over the panels, we detail the signatures of George Pipgras, Benny Bengough, Julie Wera, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Tony Lazzeri (“4”), Dutch Ruether, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Herb Pennock (“1-2”), Mike Gazella, Ben Paschal, Charlie O’Leary, Pat Collins, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Waite Hoyt (“4”) Wilcy Moore, Johnny Grabowski, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Miller Huggins (“3”, signed “pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>M. J. Huggins”), Myles Thomas, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Urban Shocker (“5”), Ray Morehart, Art Fletcher, Bob Shawkey, Joe Giard, Mark Koenig, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Earle Combs, pan style=”FONT-WEIGHT: bold”>Lou Gehrig (“3-4”), Joe Dugan, Cedric Durst and Bob Meusel.

While we readily acknowledge that higher quality ’27 Yankee signed balls have, in the past, surfaced in our avocatio

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, PSA-DNA Full Letter

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