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1927 Tunney vs. Dempsey Fight Program (“The Long Count”)

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1927 Tunney vs. Dempsey Fight Program (“The Long Count”)

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Among the most storied athletic events ever performed in Chicago’s Soldiers’ Field was the famous "Long Count" heavyweight championship contest between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey. The hotly anticipated bout took place on September 22, 1927 – just about a year after Tunney had claimed the title from Dempsey in a unanimous decision in Philadelphia. Here available is an original program from the "Long Count" – the re-match of those ring adversaries. History tends to point blame on the referee…but in fact, when Tunney went down in Round 6, Dempsey (who was remiss with the newly-adopted knockdown rules) failed to retreat to a neutral corner, and so the count was delayed for a crucial (and recuperative) several seconds. Champion Tunney survived to floor Dempsey in the following round, and the Fighting Marine then cruised to a convincing unanimous decision, thereby retaining his crown. Through the many ensuing decades there survives this program which is about GD/VG condition. To be noted is a light moist-stain along the cover’s upper edge where we also find some light foxing. Also to report is a split at the spine extending from the top to the upper binding staple. To its credit, however, the 48-page publication remains firmly intact; there are no meaningful creases (only some mild stress-induced wrinkles in the left margin); the images of the principals and the graphics are lucid and without fault.

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