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1930 Grover Alexander and Burt Shotton News Photo

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1930 Grover Alexander and Burt Shotton News Photo

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This original news photo, an 8" x 10" was taken during Spring Training of 1930. The principals are Pete Alexander and Burt Shotton who are doubtlessly exchanging bygone lore – both of them wearing civvies. At this point, the Hall of Fame legend, Alexander, had just returned to his Philadelphia Phillies roots, and Shotton was then the team’s manager. The 43-year-old Pete was in his twilight (his final season, for that matter) after years of legend-making on the mound – and with the flask. Delightfully, Shotton is wearing knickers with argyle socks – how trendy.

As ancient photographs are considered, this one is about Excellent as a function of several peripheral cracks and a small, harmless clip at the upper right corner. On the reverse, there appear several pertinences. Penciled is the identity of the subjects, of course. Then, there are stamped "Apr – 5 1930", and the photo credit, "Dahlgren, Winter Haven, Fla." We interpret, then, that the photograph was printed again several years later as it bears the stamping "Philadelphia Inquirer 1937 Jan 16." An outstanding photograph delivering a perfect image of Pete Alexander.

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