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1930 Yankees Team-Autographed Baseball (14 Sigs. Incl. Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig)

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1930 Yankees Team-Autographed Baseball (14 Sigs. Incl. Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig)

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1930 New York Yankees team signed baseball with 14 signatures including Ruth and Gehrig. Common to all fourteen players who signed this ball is that they were rostered with the New York Yankees in 1930. The full PSA letter of authenticity (E50383 ) validates it as such. The medium is an Official International League (Knappe) baseball which is yet in EX-EX/MT condition. All of the autographs are readily legible, ranging about "5" to "8". But there may be a secret of sorts in this ball. About half of its signers were Yankee fixtures to be sure, but the others were fleeting figures in the Land of Pinstripes – serving parts of 1930 only. For that matter, several of them shortly (by 1931) were playing in Baltimore of the International League, which harmonizes well with the ball.

And it follows that there’s a distinct possibility it was signed in 1931 in an exhibition of sorts whose participants were New York Yankees, along with past Yankees now plying their wares at the AAA level. In any event, it must be regarded as a Yankee-signed ball, at least in spirit. And most deliciously, it includes New York’s two supreme superstars. In detail, there are included here: Frank Barnes, Benny Bengough, Ben Chapman, Dusty Cooke, Art Fletcher, Gehrig ("5-6"), Sam Gibson, Ken Holloway, Arndt Jorgens, Lyn Lary, Jimmy Reese, Harry Rice, Ruth ("6"), and George [Yats] Wuestling.

PSA-DNA Full Letter

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