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1930s Babe Ruth Locker Tag (Yankee Stadium)

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1930s Babe Ruth Locker Tag (Yankee Stadium)

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Magnificently austere is this identification tag pertinent to Babe Ruth’s locker in Yankee Stadium. That the assignment is conveyed (which is expertly stamped on both sides), we may isolate the vintage of this piece to the 1930s (as the Yankees introduced uniform numbers in 1929). The unique fixture is a bronze forging that measures two inches in diameter and it weighs a full ounce – quite substantial. It bears a light glaze of tarnish (as to be expected), but it was never traumatized in mishandling or abuse – all the expressed characters (i.e. Yankee Stadium … The Bronx, New York… [and] Babe Ruth, are all cleanly distinct.This offering was priced in the 1999 Beckett Almanac and listed with a value of $2500.

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