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1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt TLS (as Governor)

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1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt TLS (as Governor)

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About a month before the tumultuous 1932 Democratic National Convention, Franklin D. Roosevelt advanced this typed letter (June 20th) to a certain John D. McDonald of Cincinnati. At this point on the calendar, FDR was Governor of New York and poised as a strong contender in pursuit of his party’s nomination for the Oval Office. The content of this one-page message, however, was singularly personal, with not a shard of politics about it, except for the beautifully gilded letterhead identifying the state’s "Executive Chamber." It seems that Mr. McDonald had earlier invoked the guidance of the Governor regarding medical relief for McDonald’s son who, we interpret, was stricken by a malady not dissimilar to Roosevelt’s polio. In full, the letter assures:

"My dear Mr. McDonald: I am in receipt of your letter of June the fourteenth and I have taken the liberty of forwarding it to Dr. Michael F. Hoke, the physician in charge at Warm Springs, Georgia. Doctor Hoke, I am sure, will be glad to write you in regard to your boy’s case and he can best advise you whether or not the treatment at Warm Springs would be helpful to the child. Many thanks for your good wishes. Very sincerely yours [signed] trong>Franklin D. Roosevelt."

The medium is 8" x 10" and bears two standard compacting folds. We note a small abrasion puncture in the left margin (far remote) and a very minor stain along the extreme lower edge. The postmarked envelope (about VG) accompanies. As for the printed text…it’s absolutely perfect with no typos or errant register. And the fountain pen signature is to the ideal, radiating at a quality of "trong>9-10".


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