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1935 Joe Medwick Game-Used Home Run Ball

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1935 Joe Medwick Game-Used Home Run Ball

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Though its several notations aren’t entirely discernible, it’s clearly evident that this ONL (Frick) baseball served duty in a 1935 early-season game between the Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The ball is heavily toned, but bears no surface injuries of note. On a side panel is scribed “Pittsburgh 1, St. Louis 6 … Easter Sunday 4/21/35.” Another inscription appears on the sweet spot where reference is made to “…J. Dean…” (presumably Dizzy Dean, the winning pitcher). And then, on the east panel, we note “Hit by ‘Ducky’ Medwick St. Louis 7th Inning.” All this strongly intimates that Medwick’s 7th-inning hit (suffered by this ball) was pivotal in that St. Louis victory. Such is just one delightful relic from the Golden Age of the game. The box score from this particular game discloses that this particular ball was actually a home-run slugged by Medwick, assuring a Cardinal victory.

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