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1936 Benito Mussolini and King Emmanuel III Signed Document

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1936 Benito Mussolini and King Emmanuel III Signed Document

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This official document (appearing to deal with a land tract) bearing the title “Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy, Emperor of Ethiopia” astoundingly holds the bold fountain pen signatures of both trong>King Victor Emmanuel III and trong>Prime Minister Benito Mussolini,trong> each “10” in quality. This exquisite document is dated September 1936 and also bears the stamp and signature from the Ministry of Finance, as well as Court Accounts. Measuring 10″ x 15″, it’s in EX condition, and it features the typical stampings, calligraphy, and handwritten notation of government officialdom. This official state document from one of the most pivotal periods in 20th Century history and is well worthy of a significant display.

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1936,Signed  Benito Mussolini,Victor Emmanuel

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