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1937 Joe Louis “World Champion” United Figural Clock

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1937 Joe Louis “World Champion” United Figural Clock

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Exceptional example of this very desirable vintage timepiece from the United Clock Company of Brooklyn; created to celebrate and exploit the phenomenal worldwide success and popularity of The Brown Bomber, a.k.a. Joe Louis. This conditional rarity features a remarkable likeness of Louis as well as the most wonderfully genuine patina one could hope for, with none of the pitting, corrosion or hairlines which often plague this very attractive bronzed piece. It also boasts its original United “Self-Starting” clock, which still keeps perfect time, and is set amid intricate and finely detailed casting, including “Joe Louis” and “World’s Champion” in raised relief and embellishing laurel detail. From an era comfortable with commercial depictions of cartoonish mammies and buffoonish Steppenfetchit-types, this very succesful piece also represented the first honorable depiction of an African-American to be introduced and displayed in white households – a subtle but very meaningful advance in racial enlightenment. The vertical dimension is about 12″, and it is all original with the exception of the electrical plug (which we replaced for your safety and, according to legal counsel, ours). You won’t find a more aesthetically pleasing specimen of this rare and significant clock.

1937  Joe Louis

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