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1940 “Supermen of America” Prize Ring (Superman & Action Comics Promotion) (RARE)

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1940 “Supermen of America” Prize Ring (Superman & Action Comics Promotion) (RARE)

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1940 “Supermen of America” Prize Ring (Superman & Action Comics Promotion) (RARE)

Arriving to us from Krypton, Superman soared into our life in Action Comics in 1938.  Becoming Earth’s champion Superman,also known as Clark Kent (to protect his identity), he fights crime, defeats villains and saves us all from disaster.  The Man of Steel has been one of the most enduring characters in comic book history.

During the launch and wide success of comics, the Superman & Action Comics sought to promote the Series, much like any other comic or series at the time.  One such idea was the introduction of the Supermen of America Club.

In the summer of 1939, they held a contest, asking the members to write (in100 words of less) “What would I do if I had the powers of Superman?” As a prize to those who wrote the most compelling story, winners were awarded a very nice metal ring.  They claimed to have dispnsed a total of 1600 of these, though no one really knows if that number is true or exaggerated.

The rings were silver based metal with a gold plated center w/maroon color behind the circled letters.  The words impressed are “Supermen of America Member” around the image of a “Super Man” figure.  The west panel of the ring bears the image of a planet, while the east panel projects two lightening bolts.

According to Overstreet (Toy Ring Price Guide) there are only twelve confirmed known in existence and it is the most valuable ring listed.  It’s also noted that only four known rings have 50% or more of the original color intact.

The treasure here offered is in Fine-Very Fine condition.  The silver based color remains intact with very little wear (copper color) showing.  The gold finished emblem has dulled slightly over time, however still appears distinctive.

Also of note, the maroon in the circled letters is sitill clearly visible and remains sholly intact, the same coloring in the sheild only partially remains in the top right corner, making the original color intact at 65-70% truly remarkable for its age.  As a whole, this ring not only represents the beginning of America’s premier super hero, but also a collectors dream as one of the most historically significant and most coveted rings in the collectibles industry.

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