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1941 A.S Game Ticket Stub (SGC ) Press Pin & Wire Photo Of Ted Walk Off HR

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no photo 1941 A.S Game Ticket Stub (SGC ) Press Pin & Pass Wire Photo Of Ted Walk Off HR

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The 1941 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was the ninth playing of the mid-summer classic between the all-stars of the American League (AL) and National League (NL), the two leagues comprising Major League Baseball. The game was held on July 8, 1941, at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan, the home of the Detroit Tigers of the American League. The game resulted in the American League defeating the National League, 7–5. Ted Williams hit a walk-off home run with two outs in the ninth inning to win it for the AL.
Offered here from the collection of Sam Levy press writer for Milwaukee journal his personal 1941 A.S Press Pin & Pass Wire Photo Of Ted Walk Off HR. Note ticket stub from all ticket was a add in with lot.(Ticket Stub SGC)
World Series press pins have been annually produced for a little over a hundred years. And though the first Major League All-Star Game was staged in 1933, the institution of distributing pins for the Mid-Summer Classic didn’t occur until 1938. The pin that year was a lithograph-on-sheet metal affair that certainly didn’t promise permanence as a tradition. But with the coming of the 1941 All-Star event, the hosting Detroit Tigers, in conjunction with the Commissioner’s Office, directed the making and dispensing of press pins per the fashioned quality long practiced for the World Series. As such, there occasionally emerges one of those pins from the ’41 All-Star Game, so demonstrated in this listing. Of the few that we’ve encountered over the years, all have been at least mildly qualified by a measure of tarnish or an imperfection of other sorts. The pin that we offer now, quite conversely, must be the finest ever to appear in our industry. The characters standing in relief from the surface of this piece have retained their original high-polish gloss, and the enameled star is precisely to prescription with not the remotest inconsistency. It was made by an obscure company in Chicago calling itself “Dodge” (so stamped on the perimeter of the reverse), and we note that its fastener is a threaded post (to include the original nut) with a slightly smaller pitch diameter than those appearing on contemporaneous pins. And so, the hobbyist seeking the finest in a 1941 All-Star press pin must pursue this one with resolve – it’s Mint.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team

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