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1941 Rittgers Bowling Complete Set

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1941 Rittgers Bowling Complete Set

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Knowledgeable collectors generally agree the basketball players are the rarest sports figures in the Rittgers genre, however, the bowlers are ridiculously tough to find as well – and just as tough in the exquisite condition of this offered twosome. Like the cagers, these required alotta actual hand-molding and attachment of appendages. Issued as a pair, the set includes an energized female kegler and her male partner, whose jaw has apparently just been loosed by the bobbysoxer’s big back swing. The figures were hand-painted, and often these applications vary greatly in precision and detail – one set to another. These are gems, boasting extra attention to design and color, such as the lady’s lemon-yellow hair and lavender dress with argyle accents. The duo’s distaff female bowler is the scarcer of the pair, but the male in this set is the highly-pursued “white shirt” variation (as Rittger’s artists typically favored an easy-to-apply gray for both pants and shirt). Comic and classic, of course, but they’re deceptively sophisticated and display priceless expressions and craftsmanship. Both are signed “L.L. Rittgers, 1941”, and solidly NM+.


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