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1943 Grandma Moses’ The Old Covered Bridge Oil on Canvas (36″x45″)

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The Debut Show at Gallerie St. Etienne launched the 80 year old Grandma Moses to Art Stardome.  New Yorker quoted her as  Not just a Great American Artist, but a Great American Housewife.”   Her art depicts the family value, tradition and holiday.

Kristina Barbara Johnson was listed as one of America’s Top 100 Collectors in Art and Antiques from 1986-1996. A trustee of the American Folk Art Museum for decades, she was part of a broad and important network of folk art collectors. Her friends and acquaintances were countless and included people from all walks of life, as well as personalities from Warhol to the Kennedys.

We are honored to have been entrusted with the Idyllic Old Covered Bridge from the celebrated collection of Kristina Barbara Johnson, an enthusiastic collector, whose interests were broad, though all poignantly a reflection of her unique aesthetic.  Johnson first started developing her folk art collection when she became involved with the American Folk Art Museum in the mid-1960s, where she served on the board of Trustees for over four decades and was elected Board President in 1971.  Her folk art collection focused on maritime arts, portraiture, paintings, sculpture and decoys and, in the early 1980s, her driving interest in hooked rugs led her to assemble one of the largest collections of hooked rugs in the country.  As early as the 1970s, her interest in Outsider Art became a growing focus. She juxtaposed earlier American folk art in her home with the Outsider pieces and took pleasure in sharing her collection with others, offering guided tours through her home for students, groups, dealers, and individuals sharing her interests.  Her collection was highly regarded, as her works were frequently loaned to exhibitions across the country and nearly always referenced in scholarly writings about American Folk Art.

Grandma Moses’ idyllic Old Covered Bridge  is a masterwork that manifests every element that has made the artist an American icon.  In private hands since its creation, this work is a desirable example of a self-taught artist and presents a rare opportunity to obtain one of approximately twenty known and documented large scale paintings by Moses.  Old Covered Bridge depicts her belief that men, women, and children all had a role in the daily work of the community.  The scene portrays the ice harvest, an important seasonal task that requires the combined effort of the community to preserve ice for the coming summer.  Though Grandma Moses never had formal training, her natural skill is clear; by weaving the various vignettes throughout the landscape, the composition becomes cohesive.  Inquire with Art Conoisseur Kieta at Memorabilia.Expert at 888-308-9714.



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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “1943 Grandma Moses’ The Old Covered Bridge Oil on Canvas (36″x45″)”



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