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1944/’54 Bob Feller Double-Signed Ball (First in the Hearts of His Countrymen)

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1944/’54 Bob Feller Double-Signed Ball (First in the Hearts of His Countrymen)

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Now, we acknowledge there are Bob Feller signed balls rattling around in our industry, but none of them as profound as this one. The ball that holds these signings is an unofficial (but quality) Rawlings which is mildly toned. However, Rapid Robert signed it twice – just about ten years between each penning. The later signing was placed (with a salutation dated “2/7/54“) during Spring Training, as his Indians prepared for a pennant-winning campaign.

The glorious autograph on this ball, however, is the one he placed a decade earlier, which he dated “8/24/44.” The larger-than-life big league pitcher was, at that time, a gunnery chief petty officer aboard the battleship U.S.S. Alabama. Matter of fact, it was just about the time that he signed this ball that the Alabama was pounding hell outta Guam. The mighty battlewagon was in the thick of it throughout MacArthur’s grand plan of island hopping, all the way to Japan, and Feller was an instrumental figure in that progress.

It must be appreciated that upon the December 7th bombing of Pearl Harbor, Bob Feller – the invincible pitcher with a peachy career to protect – was the first major leaguer to volunteer for military service, inking his pledge with the U. S. Navy the following day. The 1954 autograph is a bit weak (“4-5”), but the one from 1944 is substantially stronger – “7”.

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