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1944 Philadelphia Team Signed Ball (27 Sigs. w/Connie Mack and Al Simmons)

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1944 Philadelphia Team Signed Ball (27 Sigs. w/Connie Mack and Al Simmons)

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The medium is an unofficial, but high-quality Reach baseball and it bears 27 autographs penned by the 1944 Philadelphia Athletics. The ball is mildly toned and there’s minor surface damage at the stamped sweet spot, but all the surfaces holding signatures, which average about “7” in strength, are without blemish. Appropriately, trong>Connie Mack reposes solely on the sweet spot – a signature projecting at a quality of about “trong>8”. About the panels, then, we identify Lum Harris, Buck Newsom, Jo Jo White, rookie trong>George Kell, Dick Siebert, Russ Christopher, Luke Hamlin, Larry Rosenthal, Jesse Flores, Bob Garbark, Carl Sheib, Ford Garrison, Tony Parisse, Frankie Hayes, Dave Keefe, Bill McGhee, Ed Busch, Don Black, Hal Epps, Woody Wheaton, Joe Burns, Irv Hall, Earle Brucker, Joe Berry, Bobby Estalella, and trong>Al Simmons (“trong>7-8”) in his final major league season. That the signing’s vintage dates to 1944 is demonstrated by the inclusion of Epps, Garbark and Luke Hamlin who were rostered with the Athletics that season only.

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